AI powered searching of notes?

Do you think some offline program will get AI powered searching of notes and AI linking them together? Like I don't like online services, what if they end or change something user won't like you are fed. Problem is all offline note-taking programs are i google basically are identical and don't differ in much things at all and missing core features (i wrote feedback on Joplin like 30+ things that sucks), you cannot even set menus to stay collapsed, it is impossible to navigate... When you can ask AI about your notes and it will automatically tag them and link them also, makes things so much easier... Even with tags it is impossible to find something later, if you have a lot of diverse topics... Not to mention you cannot select them in each category by clicking on tag label, how do you even know what tags you have there? I don't know why all programs missing core features and are overly simplistic not allowing much customization... But if i tell it to software devs they call me brilliant... It is really absurd. Is there some offline program which has AI features i was talking about, or Joplin planning that in future? Problem also Joplin seems slow don't have even 1000 notes i don't think and sync is slow takes like hour... Importat is faster i think, but still unviable... I got executive dysfunctions from how browsers work, bookmark managers and UI is horrible, they are even studies about that, ofc. everyone would tell me it is me, because if ppl don't need something than no one can need it and it is them... I have chronic pain need to organize knowledge about health and diet without AI search it will be impossible to find later and work with effectively... So i don't expect you to understand, just tell me if there is some offline program that is already using AI like that. I have severe chronic pain and this would be huge help to me,

thank you!

Have you checked out the Jarvis plugin?


Thanks i will check that out!

What the heck is that "you exceeded your quota":

I was just processing offline database, how can there be quota for that and it runs offline!

And i inserted already my OpenAI API key to jarvis plugin's settings!

Processed only like 150 notes or so... And even i clicked cancel it is still working weird. Confused now how it works...

@shikuz would have a better idea, but you are paying OpenAI to process a certain amount of 'tokens'. You should check your OpenAI account - it looks like you have hit your monthly(?) limit. Depending on the length of the notes, I imagine 150 notes could easily hit a limit. I tried copying/pasting text into ChatGPT (nothing to do with Joplin), and was surprised at how little it would accept.

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Wait so it is dependent on online processing to index database, i thought i read something that it works offline too! That sucks! Omg OpenAI hires africans for 1$ that they had to refuse contract as their personal started having mental issues... But their shitty service can process only 150 notes, hope they choke on money so they save couple cents on traffic...

BTW my life is hell i am absurdly lonely no one under 160IQ even understands me, even i don't look on it, because i am borderline demented after suffering i gone through in my life: The philosopher’s lack of success — he became famous only after his death — and lack of social contact also caused him stress. “It hurts me frightfully that in these fifteen years not one single person has ‘discovered’ me, has needed me, has loved me,” a letter reads. “How rarely a friendly voice reaches me!” another adds. “I’m now alone, absurdly alone.”... So i am just saying strangers weird things... Evolution hides truths about existence unless their coincide with increased chance of survival, only truth we can be sure of that life is so horrible, it can exist only on lies: We burried truth under sediments of millennia and after millions of years there is 0% chance that we see reality as it is, organisms which saw world closer to what it is simply went extinct, free will is illusion, everything is one whole, there is no escape even after death just google Japan unit 731, we will have to go through that forever unless we change... Don't know what to say, i lost my only friend that could understand me, now i am absurdly alone...

Hi @empleat, thanks for trying out the plugin. Jarvis does a couple of things with AI, semantic search being one of them.

You are right to assume that search is offline by default, as long as in the settings page of Jarvis you kept the option Notes: Semantic similarity model set to "(offline) Universal Sentence Encoder [English]" (the default option). Given this, your notes were not sent to OpenAI or any other service.

The reason Jarvis asked for an OpenAI key is probably because you also have the default (online) setting for Chat: Model, which by default uses OpenAI's GPT-3.5 for chat purposes only (or note summaries and research). Each time that Joplin starts, Jarvis tests the connection to the selected model by saying hi, so that's the only thing sent to OpenAI (and rejected with an error in your case).

The easiest way to avoid this error is by switching Chat: Model to "(online) Hugging Face". It does not require an API key or a paying account, so the server will just say hi back to Jarvis and this will be the end of all communication between you and the server.

Another option to disable the error is by clicking on "Cancel" in the error dialog. I believe that Jarvis will not bug you about it until the next time you start Joplin, or if you try to use any of the chat features.

If you would like to go fully offline, see this.

Sorry to hear about your circumstances. Hope this was helpful in any way to your research, and that you'll get Joplin customized to your needs, as we all do (check out all the amazing plugins). Please take care. :vulcan_salute:


I love how i say casually most dark secrets of universe, and you answer normally, ofc. no one will take it seriously, so i can say it, because i know no one will believe it anyways... Even everything is based on some assumptions and you cannot prove anything ultimately, biggest geniuses that ever lived thought so... And evolution hides truths from existence unless they coincide with survival, on which both Nietzsche and theory of evolution agree (including modern science)... Only chance is if nature of reality allows us to change it, or we will cause ourselves infinite suffering... Given how stupid humanity is and we live already in full-blown totalitarianism and corporatocracy, at least in this AEON i have no hopes...

It doesn't give Quota notice again, but processing is still slow like 150 notes in hour with default setting and

Chat: Model "(online) Hugging Face"

Some messages take time to process. :slight_smile:

Processing time ultimately depends on the specs of your computer (all computation is done locally). In any case, since the complete note index is usually run only once, you will probably not suffer as much from slow processing during incremental updates.

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i5 9600KF, another hour almost and only 50 increased, hopefully you are right... I am done for, i don't need that much anyways, just to organize diet and healthy lifestyle which is complicated and can be easily thousands of pages, i need this i never remember where is something anywhere...

Since you were nice here are basic healthy lifestyle tips, navy seals trainee said some were helpful: I had infinite ideas from every thing i see instantly every other 20 things and so on... Now i am demented...

Still doesn't work there is this on right side, i left it like an hour like this...

When i click tools/chat with jarvis nothing happens :confused:

Maybe there's some error? If you open the console does it show anything in there? How to enable debugging | Joplin

It is quite lenghtily and i am not sure if it is readable, this is filtered to errors, there were 14 errors:

Oh i didnt know you have to create note first, i thought it will be chat window help me to find notes and what not... Still it responded only 1 time with huge delay and now nothing:

you have to press cltr+shift+c each time WTF?

Is there a way to automate this?

This ai won't be too good i have feeling, have to test it on searching notes which i don't know how works:

I don't know what semantic search can do exactly, it doesn't seem it is too good. E.g. show all tags under certain notebooks or how efficient it will be finding specific notes based on user query, or list notebooks under certain category and what not. Probably won't be too accurate, or it will have hard to finding what you need, it would be needed if it can filter using more parameters otherwise it will be hard to get to results. There is written you can normally query it in search box and that's it.

Like query show all notes that contain word "omega" doesn't work at all.

Or if i enter into related notes name of note with Omega, it doesn't even show other notes with Omega in its name, but totally irrelevant ones!

It is not very good if semantic search cannot even process tags and it is very inaccurate based on simple queries, not sure if it can also process notebooks, or it only finds relevant notes and how much context/paramters it considers!

Also chatting inside notes, it doesn't understand what i want like list my notebooks under some other notebook.

Tried also ask, it responded:

I'm sorry, but I cannot provide a list of tags for notes under the notebook "Health" without additional context or information. Please provide more details or clarify your question.

Hope there is youtube video on this, i don't know how to query it all what it can understand... But it probably won't be much intelligent, it would have to be able to take into account like tags and names of notebooks/notes and actual content of them and find intelligently notes based on user description... Hmm i didn't find anything with "jarvis" damn...

It cannot even tell me location with text i quote from note, let alone to switch to it... IT is not clear from this how to query it, or use it and what it can actually do! Joplin Plugins - Jarvis

even in semantic search field like simple query: show all notes that contain word "omega" or without "" doesn't work!

Even cannot do this unfortunately

I recommend getting familiar with the readme and guide in order to understand the features that you're trying to use better.

It's worth noting that:

  1. The Chat command is unrelated to your notes. It's just like ChatGPT, but your conversation is stored in a note, and whatever you enter in that note can be used for context.

  2. Chat with notes adds to the context of the conversation (hopefully-)relevant sections from your notes, so that you can ask the AI about them. For example, if you have many travel logs you could ask Jarvis: "What was the thing I liked the most in our trip to Georgia?" and it will use the appropriate note to answer the question. There are additional usage examples from users in this thread.

  3. Semantic search is a different thing. It uses AI, but doesn't follow instructions. See this video for an introduction on the subject.

  4. Something we didn't mention yet, but could be relevant when searching for new information, is Research with Jarvis, which searches for summaries of academic papers online (see also this post). This is not the state of the art for this kind of research, but still worth mentioning.

All of these are described briefly in the documentation I linked to, BTW.

It's also important to note that (1), (2) and (4) depend on a powerful LMM to get intelligent responses, GPT-4 or Claude recommended for complex prompts, while (3) can work with the default offline model reasonably well (the online models are still a bit better).

In general, Jarvis is not an agent (yet!), meaning that it doesn't perform operations in the app and on your notes based on free-text, such as: "list all tags in notebook X" (a prompt that should run an API call to Joplin to get all tags and analyze them), "move all notes from X to Y" (another API call to Joplin), or "create a new note about heat insulation" (another API call, you get the idea...).[*] What it has access to is an indexed database of note sections based on embeddings. Once information is retrieved, a LMM can analyze it along with your prompt. What it can output is text that is inserted into the currently open note. It has its limitations and strengths.

[*] One exception is auto-tagging, a specific operation that is implemented as a feature in Jarvis.


OMG i still have no idea how to use this, e.g. chat with notes, does it work only for one note, or can it take into context multiple notes, as it seems it work only when you select one note... It is so ambivalent i have like trillions questions... Super hard to decipher how to use it. Tho i don't think it will be much helpful to my needs, it is still very rudimentary... It is not bad, but i wanted it mainly for searching existing notes what i have and finding some 1 article about some small thing in diet between 10 000 existing articles by querying chatbot, which is not possible yet :confused:

I don't know how anyone does ever anything in joplin it is impossible to even make notebooks stay collapsed, otherwise it is impossible to scroll through, also it doesn't show tag labels when you click on notebook you have to use search parameters, but you cannot remember all you have in given notebook from head... I don't know how would anyone even navigate it above 1000 notes and 30 notebooks etc. Using tags multiple tags filtering is good, but that's about it and it takes time and you still might not remember right words later when you need to bring up some small thing, there is just no intelligent solutions out there. Like in firefox you cannot even search for existing folders it is impossible to add new bookmarks and i didn't find any good solutions for this either... All pretty vehement.. I also tried multiple note-taking programs: all miss same core features and suffering from same problems - it is just ABSURD... At this point i have executive dysfunctions... It is just not even possible to understand how something obvious like notebooks staying collapsed permanently like switch for that, or at least on main view and than it could uncollapse nested notebooks when you expand it, but how they hell one is supposed to find any MAIN notebook when it shows all that is nested underneath, that is absurdly crazy to me... How no one thought about that...

And again i am not being arrogant or complain, but sw devs when i give them feedback literally tell me i am brilliant, something is wrong here and other ADHD ppl agree that a program of type missing same core features. I checked 100 do to apps and i had to hire programmer to make me custom TO DO APP, as all programs on market were missing core features and had same issues, while they charge so much for subscription, that even if i paid 1000$ for that i would save money... And all 100 programs are identical suffer from same issues missing same core features, it is just to a point of total absurdity that it is unfathomable to me... I saw everywhere how to do everything better, it is so frustrating when browsers UI didn't change since 1999 there are even studies on that and still there is no addon to manage even tabs, ppl will tell you why do you need more than 10 tabs? While studies show today it is important to manage tabs and it lead to tab overload, work can easily generate over 100 tabs, i used to peak 3k tabs... I don't have time money hire programmers to do every single thing literally that is self-evident from particula purpose/function, have no WORDS...


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