Dhruv Sahnan - GSOC'20 Introduction

Hey, I’m Dhruv, a second year Bachelor’s student from India at Indraprastha Institute of Technology- Delhi. I’m comparatively new to Joplin, but I was just browsing through the GSOC ideas over here.

The support for multiple profiles really caught my eye, as I have already been working with some other projects with my University and some personal Independent Projects as well. And I have some questions about OCR support as well if anyone is willing to answer from Joplin.

  1. Is the OCR support just meant to extract any text that is fed through the image, or is it supposed to be meaningful which would require some kind of NLP in my opinion, which makes this awesome.
  2. I’ve worked a bit with Amazon Textract (the free version), and it would be really cool if the OCR support could do that.

I’d really like to work on any of these two (preferably both). I know I’m terribly late at asking questions about GSOC at this point, but I hope you’d consider. Thank You.

great to have you here and warm welcome from the community.
We are looking forward to your first contribution to the code base.
Don’t mind if you ask me for help if you get stuck in the code, I will try to guide you to the right folks but read the GSoC Live Blog first :wink:.