Deleting local data and configuration

Deleting local data on a single computer, without messing up the sync with dropbox is not obvious. There should be single "Signout and delete local data" button in the options.

What it should do:

  1. delete any cache stored locally on the device.
  2. clear any synchronization configuration.
  3. reset joplin to default state.

What I did to achieve the above on a linux machine.

  1. Disable dropbox sync
  2. delete all notes
  3. force sync
  4. restart joplin to check that notes have not been redownloaded or retrieved from cache.

Definitely not trivial and I am still not sure whether I managed to do it.

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I'm not sure i understand what you're trying to achieve. If you're wanting to delete a local instance of Joplin, you can just delete the configuration folder (~/.config/joplin-desktop). But this has nothing to do with the sync location or Dropbox so I feel like I'm misunderstanding you.


delete the configuration folder (~/.config/joplin-desktop)

I did not know this. However, a button in the general settings to achieve the same maybe more user friendly. Also to clarify, this will clear any sync configuration too? Since the dropbox token is stored in the settings.

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In v2 there will be a button to do this actually, something to clear all local data and re-download from the sync target.

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Yes this will delete all settings, including the Dropbox token.

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