Delete Synchronised files on OneDrive

On Joplin 1.0.24 macOS 10.14.6

I’d like to delete existing sync’d files on OneDrive and resync later on.

What would be the process? Disabling Sync in Joplin’s prefs and manually deleting from OneDrive?


Interested in how to safely do this as well. Been having sync problems for weeks now.


Can you disble sync once set up? There does not appear to be a “none” option.

Also the method you mention could mean that when you re-connect later Joplin will see the empty sync target in your cloud storage and try to delete the notes within Joplin if it is not treated as a “first-time” sync…

A way of clearing out Joplin both locally and on the sync target and then re-importing a copy of the notes is decribed in this post. You can just skip the re-linking to sync stages until you want to reconnect again.