Delete note button or keyboard shortcut

It'd be nice to have a delete button/icon somewhere on the title bar or formatting bar to delete the open note. Or better yet, a keyboard shortcut to delete the open note.

Right now, the only way I can delete a note seems to be to first find the note in the note list and then press delete. But the note isn't always visible in the note list. And for a notebook with hundreds of notes, it can take a few seconds to locate it. I know I can make a quick edit and have the note go to the top of the list, but there should still be a more immediate way.

Another option would be to have a right-click option to delete the note in the Note Tab plugin.


Fully agree. I would also like to see a way to restore a deleted note. As far as I understand, the note history does still hold the last copy of a note after deletion, but a) this isn't the latest note but the last backup copy, and b) once a note got deleted the UI doesn't provide a means to restore it from history.

People make mistakes, and this means once in a while the wrong note gets deleted !


A related solution/feature: it'd be nice to always have the open note visible in the note list. That way, deleting the note would still be pretty easy/fast. Right now, when I open a note via Note Overview or a tabbed note or a Favorite note, I have to scroll down one click (always one click) to see the open note if it's in a notebook with hundreds of notes.


This can be done with a plugin. I'm just wondering, if this is something that should be done in the core.

@laurent what are your thoughts?


Should be done in core, it's an obvious basic function.

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