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Is there a way to enable a trash/recently deleted items in the sidebar that I am not finding? I recently deleted some notes, and it seems the only way to restore a note is by finding the noteID in the database, would be handy if there was a "Recently Deleted" folder that they were moved to and had the ability to be emptied to delete forever, or automatically pruned itself after X days. Maybe its not a feature yet or I am simply missing it. Thanks!

It is not a feature but it is often raised on the forum (Search "trash can" or "recycle bin"). I cannot recall if there is a reason there is not one yet or if it just that a method needs to be devised or someone needs to be found to try to implement it!

Thanks! I did come across a few work around for doing this, hoping that person smarter than me comes along to implement it :slight_smile:

It is rather a problem of what you call it. The notes history feature - if set up properly - is a "de facto" trash can. No need for plug-ins or other work-arounds.

Thanks @ajay I figured the note history should encompass all the needs of a trash can, but I guess from a usability/UI standpoint its not entirely clear. I can see note history, but what about a note that I delete? Its still not entirely clear to me where I would go to view a deleted note and restore it back.

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Here's a method that worked for me, effectively sets up what you want, except you would use a keyboard shortcut to move to "Trash" instead of clicking Delete

Maybe if interest


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