Delete local data and redownload on iOS

Hi all

I’m running the iOS beta (12.10.4) and Joplin-server (10.12.11)
I accidentally blew up my Joplin-server and just getting everything back online. Joplin mobile seems to synchronize forever. Pretty sure if I deleted local data and reloaded it would be fine - not sure how to do this though. Is there a way within the app? Or should I do it from settings?

Any help is much appreciated

If you’re interested in the logs for mobile

Joplin mobile seems to synchronize forever.

Do you mean it's not doing anything at all? If it just takes a long time to sync, you can simply let it run as it will finish eventually, and make sure the device stays on.

The alternative would be to uninstall the app and reinstall it as there's no option to delete local data on mobile.

I’m not sure tbh. It'll spin like this for as long as I'll let it, haven't seen any of the usual feedback that comes up during a sync (e.g. Fetched N/Y items, etc)

When I cancel it, it'll read out 'Cancelling' for as long as I'll let it. I've let each step run for ~30 minutes, screen on, app in focus with no change.

I'll give this a try. FWIW I'm on the iOS beta.

Could you check on the Joplin Server log what call is getting stuck? Or are there any errors there?

The problem with cancel is that it is only effective between calls, so if one call gets stuck forever as it seems to happen here, it will never stop.

Sorry for the delay here.

The log is fairly sparse here from what I can see. I've disconnected my other joplin clients and waiting for a fair bit to see if the sync call will generate any traffic. It doesn't appear to. The only requests I can seem to trigger from my mobile client are from checking the configuration, which succeeds on the client:

2023-03-29 15:50:34: App: POST /api/sessions (200) (101ms)
2023-03-29 15:50:34: App: GET /api/items/root:/info.json:/content (200) (4ms)

This server is shared with a few others, so they may be generating traffic as well. I've attached the last several thousand lines, maybe there's something in there useful. Let me know if i should change the verbosity settings or anything like that.

dockerlogs-2023-03-29.logs (303.0 KB)

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