Default window size too small? (Desktop)

Desktop user on Linux here.

The default window size for the app (before changing) seems to small. When the sidebar is open, the tag symbol in the editor menu is hidden and only visible by hiding the sidebar or resizing the window. Ideally, the window size should be large enough for all elements to show in the default view.

Also, I see that if I resize the window of the app and exit and relaunch the window size is preserved. Even after logging in and out. Is this a configurable setting? If not through user settings, is this preserved in some of the config files? Couldn’t find it by a quick search through the .joplin folder.

I don’t know how this is on other devices as I don’t have other to test on, but I have a Full HD display with no scaling in my desktop manager if this could have anything do with scaling/resolution. Let me know if this isn’t described clearly enough or you want more details.


I think, I had this, a while ago, while on a very fine graded display (very high resolution, very small pixels, so character shrunk to sizes difficult to read).

I had ‘upped’ the zoom to >200% and the resulting view was somehow always larger than ‘the actual window’. I could only fix it, by gong back via Menus to
Tools → general Options → (line) Global Zoom (setting it to) 150(%).

The only problem is – I can not reproduce it any more.