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Joplin 1.4 desktop app on Windows no longer saves/restores window size


I think this is a regression from the 1.3 series, but I'm not entirely sure when I first noticed this. The issue is that, on Windows at least, 1.4 releases of Joplin no longer save and restore the window size. It's still an issue in 1.4.10, which I just installed this morning.

I noticed that there was a post about this issue from a year ago, but I didn't find anything more recent. Has anyone else noticed this?

It works for me on Windows as far as I can tell. If it doesn't save the window size, how does it look on startup?

Now I think what's happening is that it's losing the size after an upgrade. I just installed the 1.4.10 upgrade this morning and when I first opened the app, it came up with a very large window (not maximized) that was centered in the screen. It (the window) definitely wasn't the same size and location it was when I closed closed the app before installing the update.

However, I just resized the window, then closed and reopened the app, and it came back with the same size and position. That's why I think it may only be losing state after an upgrade.

I don't recall the window ever changing size/position before the 1.4 series, but perhaps I'm just not remembering correctly.

v1.3.18 here on Windows 10. Same thing happening. Large window in center of screen.

I resize it and drag off to the side. Quit, restart and it retains settings.

Restart the computer and settings are lost.

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joplin v1.4.10 can't open the window. You can see it in the window preview, but you can't open it. I suspect that the program failed to open it in the correct size.

Make sure that v1.3.8 can open the window correctly