Decryption problems


I decided to ask this question even though there are many "decryption problems" topics.

The problem is "this isn't json" in txt-log. I run a virtual machine with 8GB RAM and 2 cores with Win10pro for about a month in a 24/7 regime. This machine runs only Joplin with an attempt to sync base with Dropbox and decrypt items. I deleted the profile folder 10 times already, and each time I have successfully synced with Dropbox, but unsuccessful decryption with some of my items. Each time it is different items and different amounts of them (from 3 to 300).

My main concern is that there are different items in each attempt. Maybe you have some ideas about this? And if not, do you know how to bypass these issues? For example, to copy the database manually from another Win10pro machine or something else?


2020-12-07 13:59:03: "DecryptionWorker: starting decryption..." 2020-12-07 13:59:14: "DecryptionWorker: error for: ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8 (resources)", "Error: json decode: this isn't json! Error: json decode: this isn't json! at EncryptionService.decrypt (C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\app.asar\lib\services\EncryptionService.js:410:10) at EncryptionService.decryptAbstract_ (C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\app.asar\lib\services\EncryptionService.js:472:33) at async EncryptionService.decryptFile (C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\app.asar\lib\services\EncryptionService.js:581:4) at async Function.decrypt (C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\app.asar\lib\models\Resource.js:158:4) at async DecryptionWorker.start_ (C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\app.asar\lib\services\DecryptionWorker.js:184:29) at async DecryptionWorker.start (C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\app.asar\lib\services\DecryptionWorker.js:276:13)", "{"id":"ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8","title":"20191114_121857.jpg","mime":"image/jpeg","filename":"20191114_121857.jpg","created_time":1602524461814,"updated_time":1602524461814,"user_created_time":1602524461814,"user_updated_time":1602524461814,"file_extension":"","encryption_cipher_text":"","encryption_applied":0,"encryption_blob_encrypted":1,"size":2222047,"is_shared":0,"type_":4}"


Joplin 1.3.18 prod win32
Win10pro x64

I would start by looking at the item The encrypted code in there is supposed to be JSON but in your case it's not.

This is the file. I do not know what is wrong with it. On my main PC, I found it too, and it is simply a .jpg file.

I do not know why I had this issue when I tried to sync any machine that is not the "primary" machine. So I do not have a possibility to delete Dropbox and sync everything from scratch. Each time it is a different set of items. Now it is ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8, but next time I delete .config folder it would be something else.

ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8.crypted (3.8 MB)

I do not know how encryption works.
For example, in this case, on my primary PC I have:

  • ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8.jpg
  • ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8.crypt

But on problem PC I have only:

  • ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8.crypt

What would be if I copy ac6c7ee04aff4bc8833211188e34d5c8.jpg to my PC where I have a problem? Is it corrupted my data in Dropbox and primary PC?

That file is truncated so there's not much to do. I'd delete everything and start over from a backup as something has been corrupting your files.

I did it ten times. I would never write it here if I had such a solution. I hoped there is some strange pattern you can discover and advise something.

It is strange. It has this "encryption error" with different files each time. So next time, this particular file would not be truncated, but others would be.

Oh, it sad, very sad...

Maybe I misunderstood your advice? Is it possible to create a backup on my primary PC and use it to restore information on my problem PC? Without causing problems to my Dropbox and primary PC?

@laurent Do you know any workaround? For example, I am afraid that if I restore on my second machine the .jex file which was created on my first machine, it will lead to problems with synchronization with Dropbox as my database on my second machine would be newer than files in Dropbox.

Is there any way to manually copy my database from machine 1 to machine 2 and enable encryption and syncing only after having all and not corrupted items on my machine 2?