Monochromatic systray icon

when used in a dark theme, the systray joplin icon does not follow the design of the other icons (like kmail, keepass, etc).
I don’t know what your opinion is about this, but it kind of bothers me to have joplin as the only program that doesn’t follow this pattern (on my desktop, ofc).

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Well, Joplin is not a KDE application unlike the other ones you have mentioned. So I’d expect some hiccups. But yes, I don’t think Joplin has a monochromatic icon.

the keepass is not part of the kde.
Anyway, I modified the icon myself.

Well, you answered your query I guess

On macOS, there’s an icon that the OS automatically changes to black or white depending on the theme, however I wouldn’t know how to do that for Linux or even Windows.

could you add an option for users to select an icon from among those available or even select one of their own?
I think that would be a good solution to this problem.

I used this icon that is on github and it looks better than before, in my opinion

I miss this feature.


It could be handled similarly like in KeepassXC:

ht tps:// (fix the link manually, I can't post 2 images, or an image and link, because of some weird rule on this board)

Looking at the used tech, maybe I could try to implement it. But I would like to know before hand if it is something project leaders want (so I don't waste my time on a feature which had no chance of being merged).

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