CTRL + left/right cursor keys

In the Windows version (I haven’t tested any others), using CTRL + right/left keys in the text editor results in non-standard behavior. In a typical Windows app, pressing “CTRL + right arrow” would advance to the beginning of the next word. In Joplin, however, the same key press results in going to the end of the current word, and then requires another key press to go to the beginning of the next word. So it takes 2 key presses to advance each word, whereas normal Windows app behavior is to take one press.

It would be nice to have a consistent behavior with other Windows apps.

I hope this makes sense!

Testing on my system (ubuntu) it seems like the standard behaviour is for ctrl+right to take the cursor to the end of the current or next word and ctrl+left takes the cursor to the beginning of the current/previous word.
This is the behaviour of the WYSIWYG editor in Joplin and the beta codemirror editor (which will hopefully replace the code editor).

What do you think about this behaviour? Personally I think being able to skip to the beginning and end of word (using the left and right keys respectively) makes the most sense and I don’t see a compelling reason to change it.

I think you’re right, but what I’m talking about is multiple presses in the same direction. In a normal Windows app, CTRL + right takes me to the beginning of the next word. Then I press it again and it takes me to the beginning of the subsequent word. In other words, I can advance one word at a time per key press.

In Joplin, CTRL + right takes me to the end of current word. Then I press it again and it only takes me to the beginning of the next word (i.e., it only advances one space!). Then I press it again (third time) to take me to the end of the subsequent word.

So in Joplin it effectively takes me two keypresses to advance one word. It should be only one.

I just tested the gedit text editor on my Ubuntu machine and the behavior is the same as in normal Windows app, namely that CTRL + arrow key advances one word at a time. So it seems Ubuntu and Windows both have the same convention.

I don’t have Joplin installed on my Ubuntu machine, so I can’t verify how Joplin on Ubuntu works.

My mistake, I could have been more clear in my message. You’re right that the default Joplin behavior isn’t standard. This is because the current code editor is the ace editor which for whatever reason tends to do things a bit weird. We’re planning to replace it with a new editor (codemirror) fairly soon here, and the codemirror editor has the behavior you want.
If you want to give it a try now you can turn it on using Tools -> Options -> Note -> Codemirror


That’s great to know! Thanks!