CSS theme - Ohmine Dark Theme v3

Sounds good. It's not anything absolutely necessary, but I was just wondering if you were aware of it.

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I usually keep using plugins as less as possible, so I don't know which one will have problems with my theme, but I have been keeping watching the plugin list, if there are some new plugins that I think most people would like to use, I will download and test it when I have time, even I don't use it myself.

Thus, most of the third-party plugin issues still rely on user reports to me. Whatever, if you found any issues just let me know, and don't bet I know that, haha! It would be super helpful!

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Out of curiosity, how do you see that ? You're thinking of a "light" version of Ohmine ?

Umm... There would be a lot of changes when compared to the OhmineDT, but it won't affect the old features like sticky notes and custom title block, etc. But they will all get better than before. And the most important change should be the theme switching button, I'm trying to make it instantly switch between the day, dusk, and night themes. Actually, there is something out of my knowledge, so I can't guarantee what the final outcome will look like. I just want to give it a little try. And the OhmineDT will finally be archived after the new theme is launched.

As a piece of early news, here is the half-product:


The main concept of this theme mostly focuses on the mood when writing notes. When different colors can bring us different moods, I would like to change the color all the time to create a better working mood. Using the customizable single-color tone for the hot elements to improve visual concentration. As you see in the picture, the UI is clean, the main toolbar is hidden. I want to keep it as clean as possible and don't want to see any unnecessary buttons when I don't need them. Then, the concept will become a little bit different when switching to the dusk and night theme, but I'm not going to tell too much here, let me keep a little secret before launching. :smile:


One more pic for the Markdow Table Colorize style:

Screenshot 2022-06-11 234010

Symbol has changed and added a hover effect to enlarge the symbol size. And there are more minor changes you will find out when you are using it. It is absoluty better than before!

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Whaou... :grinning:
I am very excited about this​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Hi @Nacandev !

You must have seen the release of the inline todo plugin which allows to display in a synthetic table all the active tasks as checkboxes. With your theme, tags and dates are not very readable.

Could you do something about it?

NB: For some reason I can't embed a screenshot in this post :thinking:

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Ok, I will take a look for it tomorrow.

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OhmineDT-v3.1.87 updates ( 22-JUN-2022 tested on Joplin v2.8.8)

  • Render Viewer:
    • Fix: text color is unreadable when using the inline todo plugin
    • Fix: improve export html browser support
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Thanks @Nacandev !

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Hi @Nacandev

It's me again! One question. Do you think it would be possible to have a fully visible text (justify) for the notes list and not only for the projects list. I tend to have fairly long note names and they get truncated when I have multiple panels open. :thinking:

Ok great, I will go for it.

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