CSS/HTML dropdown support in notes

I’m not sure if it is already supported, as I haven’t been able to get it work, but does the note support accordion or dropdown style interaction?

Something like this:

I’m also using Orgzly for my TODO lists. And I really like the treeview in the notebooks. I think it would be great if Joplin has a similar feature.

Or maybe similar to arrow buttons in Notebooks/Tags?

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You mean you want dropdown lists inside notes? I guess you can manage it to a certain point with CSS, but what would be the purpose?

Use scenarios that I can think of:

  • A more organized To-Do list where you can, let's say, have a project with multiple items with multiple milestones. Of course, each milestone could have its own note that can be linked to. With a dropdown menu, it would be clean and less confusing.

  • A table of contents note with multiple sections. We can use bullet points to put indent on individual items, but for some it may be tasking to follow the hierarchy within the layout.

I haven't been able to get css to work. It shows correctly, and hovering on buttons change the color of items, but I haven't been able to click on note view to reveal the dropdown menu. :confused: