CSS - Free up space above the note list - Remove "New to-do"

Joplin desktop 2.10.x introduces a new style for the "New note" and "New to-do" buttons which change based on the width of the note list. Sometimes this can make the search bar rather small. I have no problems with this new feature but I do not use to-do notes. The css that has been added to the Joplin Customisation wiki page will remove the "New To-do" button and free up the space it occupied. Screenshots included to show what the result looks like. Posted in case someone else uses Joplin in a similar manner.


Is that possible with CSS to get back the old appearance: always small "New note" and "New to-do" buttons, and on the right side?

I do not know if it is impossible to do that but I do know that I do not have the skills with CSS to attempt to try it.

Thanks. Adding another couple of lines about "new note", I managed to get rid of the "new note" button too. So I'm enjoying the buttonless look, which is perfect for me since I only ever use Ctrl-N and I never create to-dos.