Cross-Build Windows Desktop on Linux

Is it possible to cross-build the Windows 64-bit desktop app on 64-bit Linux?

Is there a way to make the build scripts believe that they are running on Windows?


Probably not, but check the electron-builder doc as that’s where it would be explained if it’s possible:

Thank you

Gave up trying to build on Linux and set-up a build environment on Windows 10 64-bit.
Following the build instructions, the build is successful. But when I run Joplin (either
installed or portable) I get the following error message:
‘Cannot find module “lib/mInjectedJs/mermaid”’

Any thoughts or hints?

It looks like your building on an old version of the project, as mermaid is no longer supported.

Although it could still be mistakenly included in the build steps.

Thanks @CalebJohn.
I thought the same and refreshed from the latest in the repo, cleaned everything, and started over from scratch.
Branch ‘master’ is the correct branch, yes?
I will start over again just in case of finger trouble.

Yes master is the correct branch, it sounds like maybe the build configuration is mistakenly adding mermaid.

Thanks @CalebJohn
I started over from scratch and it is working fine.
Sorry for the noise.
It looks like there is an issue with my fork being out-of-sync somehow.

No worries @mvuille glad to here that it’s working now.