Relative links to files

I'm trying to link a file in Joplin using relative path. Reason is that the Joplin database is synced across devices and absolute paths are a no go, due to directory structure incompatibilities.

Here is my attempt:

# file:// prefix

absolute -> opens

relative -> nothing happens

# without file:// prefix

absolute -> Error: "Unsupported link or message"

relative ->  Error: "Unsupported link or message" 

The Joplin database path is //home/user/Nextcloud/Joplin/ therefore the up one ../ should work. I opened the file in Okular the relative link without the file:// prefix works!

I am new to markdown, am I missing something essential?
Any help is much appreciated.

@GreenTEA welcome to the forum.

I'm guessing that your sync path is /home/user/Nextcloud/Joplin/, in that you are using a filesystem sync into your Nextcloud folder? This is not the database path. The Joplin database is stored at /home/user/.config/joplin-desktop/database.sqlite. Being a SQLite database there is nothing for a relative link to be relative to.

Can I ask why you need to create links to files outside of Joplin (using file://) rather than just attaching the file to a note so it syncs to all clients with the note?

I would also love this ability.
I would link to pdf. Attaching them, then opening with a different viewer to annotate them is a bit of faff. also the ability to have my pdfs in a folder allows me to quickly send them via email. searching for them in the attachment folder is a no-go.
My primary way to access the pdf would be via folders and files. However I would like to be able to reference and link them them in notes I do in joplin.

Another case where I missed this ability was when I was running tests. I would jot the specifics down in joplin and would then like to link the log. Attaching a 1000 lines text-file is no fun in joplin. Also, that log would later be read by other programms so having it in multiple places is just confusing.

I am searching for a solution that would serve as a single entry point for my work flow that is primarily based on information gathering and research. For example:

  • I start working on an article in latex and setup a directory for that file somewhere in my Nextcloud folder (local file)
  • open a new notebook in Joplin and create a link to that file.tex (entry point)
  • as research progresses more info is added to the notebook, I also attach files like Xournalpp.xoj for handwritten notes directly in the notepad.
  • as latex is not a single file program I think it wouldn't work if I attach just the file.tex to a notebook. For me its ok if just the path/to/file.tex is linked inside the notebook
  • if i link the absolute path/to/file.tex in the notebook this works, but the problem arises when I switch to my work Windows computer with D:\data\Nextcloud\Joplin\ structure
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