Create multiple Joplin projects (profiles)


I’m wondering if it is possible to somehow create multiple Joplin files for different projects ?

Basically I would like to be able to create a Joplin file for each project I am working on.
I want to be able to create the equivalent of a notebook per project, but I don’t want to share all the notebooks with all my colleagues. Some information may not be relevant or may be confidential to a particular project, so creating all my notebooks in the same file is not an option.

For example, in Microsoft OneNote, i can open a file just like a i can in Word, which means i can properly isolate information, but I can’t seem to be able to do that with Joplin. When I launch the app, it automatically opens the original file.

I hope i have been clear with my question and my needs.

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Yes what you want is basically separate "profiles". It is a feature that is in the pipeline for development, although probably not immediately.
In the meanwhile you may want to experiment with the --profile flag, although it is not exactly meant to be used as such.

It'd be interesting to know how you are sharing the Joplin notes/notebooks with your colleagues.


We have a spec for it there: I’d like to implement it some day as technically it shouldn’t be too complicated if we limit it to the above spec. The tricky part would be the inter process communication.


Multiple profiles (multiple databases) would be very helpful.

To add to the closed discussion that is at:

Example for why multiple profiles are helpful: my employer requires access to a work computer and I only want employer notes on that device, not personal. I will have to buy two JoplinCloud subscriptions one for work notes on work device, one for personal notes and personal device. And my iOS device, I need to access both, but that is not possible at all without signing out, re-downloading everything.

Even on my personal computer: I have two large projects with thousands of notes each, and for simplicity it is easier for me to keep projects entirely separate from each other, and, when I'm done archive offline a project (but I may want to re-open it briefly, most of the time never need access to that database). Furthermore I am a writer and want to separate major projects that are active from my personal notes, so searches aren't too cluttered. I could use tags but it is easier for me just to split projects entirely into walled databases, discrete from personal.

In Evernote I would create separate accounts, one premium and several free/basic, and, share certain notes or notebooks between my accounts so I'd get the best of both worlds. That worked sort of until Evernote started limiting functionality in the basic accounts and was one of the reasons I switched to Joplin for open source.

Some note systems are set up for even better project-based / work vs. home compartmentalization. Nimbus Note's Workspaces organization, I think is the best implementation of this concept from a user perspective: projects can be shared across teams and easily compartmentalized by a user.

As I understand it, this does not fit with Joplin's architecture nor JoplinCloud architecture.

However, an easy way to switch profiles (databases) in-app, on all platforms include mobile Android and iOS, would help with the personal project compartmentalization (even though it wouldn't help with team sharing).