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Create folder with specific id

I came across a few issues when I was about to write a plugin.

First I wanted to let users specify the folder id, since names are not unique, but then I've noticed there's no way to actually get the folder id from the Joplin UI. Thus people can't enter (copy/paste) a folder id.

Then I thought I could work around it by creating a folder with a specific id, and then people could rename and move the folder however they please.
But here's the next problem: I cannot create a folder with a specific id. At least not that I can see. The plugin api says it's based on the rest api and there it's not possible.

Another thing which seems to be impossible is to create a folder with name XYZ and retrieve the id of that created folder. The post method does not return an object. Or at least I can't see that in the docs.
Once again, if there's already a folder called XYZ, a subsequent search for XYZ to retrieve the id could return the wrong folder.

So now I'm stuck. With neither of those 3 things, I can't create the plugin. Or at least the result would be undefined.

Does anyone have an idea how to proceed?

Filter by created_time?

Yes, this could work. I thought about it, but hoped for a "better" solution.

IMO an API request/call should return an object. Or return the id on success. Because with the id you can then get everything else.

For consistency the API should also allow to specify the id for folders. It is possible for notes. Why not for folders?