Is there a way to tell Joplin to open to a specific folder?

Is there a way to use the external links to make Joplin open to a specif folder? I was hoping that I could pass the url in a command line.

Like joplin.exe --folder "joplin://x-callback-url/openFolder?id=641c18d68f7c47cc8cd88be471c2730a" or something?

Is there another way?

Not sure how the homesheet plugin works. If that stores your homesheet ID in a readable format, maybe you could edit that to point to the most-recently edited note in that notebook, and then open Joplin simply?

Just call joplin://x-callback-url/openFolder?id=641c18d68f7c47cc8cd88be471c2730a when joplin is closed and joplins starts in the selected folder

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This should work assuming the id is correct

joplin.exe joplin://x-callback-url/openFolder?id=641c18d68f7c47cc8cd88be471c2730a

Could you please explain what you mean when you say "open to" a specific folder ? And let's say it can be done as indicated. What would be the benefit for you or other users ?

I mean, start Joplin and have it's sidebar show what's in that folder. As if you clicked on that folder in the sidebar with your mouse.

It does work. This is great for Windows Shortcuts or scripts etc.

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