Copy and paste table rows and columns

Joplin version: 2.6.10 and 2.10.18
OS: Linux Ubuntu 22.10 with Unity desktop

In the Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG), when copying and pasting multiple cells of a table, sometimes entire rows/columns, a new table is created with the multiple cells in the last selected cell instead of replacing the cells' content; even if the target selection has the same number of cells as the source copy.

For instance, copying the first row of this table into the second row (assuming we highlight from left to right so the last selected cell is on the right) will give:


This is an issue I had with OneNote and it makes copying table content very hard.

For now I must copy each cell one by one, or switch to pure Markdown (but another bug prevents me from showing the pure Markdown panel) UPDATE: oops, was still using old v2.6.10. Upgrading to 2.10.18 fixed the bug, so I can at least use Markdown now. However the table issue is still present in 2.10.18.

I guess by copying you mean copying by ctrl + c or rightclick -> copy and then pasting it the same way? There is another menu option to copy/paste rows or columns:


Could you try that?

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I does most likely happen when you're not careful which control chars (e.g. LF etc.) you include. With Marph's answer you should be able to avoid this problem.

Yes I meant the standard copy/paste, either shortcut or right-click.

Indeed, Table > Row > Copy/Paste row before/after works!
It does not fill the exact same need, as it works with a full row/column, and inserts a new one, rather than filling an arbitrary number of cells.

But that will work for my case.

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The cells contain one-liners. I'm on Linux so it may end with an LF, but nothing visible nor that I can control anyway.

I'll use the full row/column copy technique for now. It'll be great if arbitrary cell copy is also supported! (in fact, I think only the web version of OneNote is bad with it, and the desktop app makes it work fine as long as the target dimension matches the source dimension)

Just tried under OSX with the WYS editor: Created one note with two (not connected) tables, each a few cells. started typing in the first cell. Copied the text. Now I did
a) pasted it into another celll same table: works
b) pasted it into another celll of the second table: works too

Where it fails is when I select / copy two cells from the first table, and paste them into the second table - regardless of whether I only put the cursor into the dest. cell, or whether I select the same number of cells in the destination and paste. That is probably your case.

So, confimed, it doesn't work as it should under OSX. Create a bug report !

Done: Copy and paste table rows and columns · Issue #8200 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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