XCEL snippets in WYSIWYG editor - will this last?

When I select and copy a range of cells from an XCEL spreadsheet into the Joplin WYSI editor, the cells are reproduced accurately, I think this is really cool. When I apply borders to the same cells before copying the borders are shown too. And it has some advantages over creating tables in Joplin, adding a screenshot of the cell range, or attaching the whole XCEL sheet to the note.

Could a dev tell me whether this is just a welcome side effect upon which one cannot rely. In other words, could it be that notes like this may 'break' in future versions of Joplin ?

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 10.51.25 AM

No comments or observations at all ?

Yes it's unsupported. In general if it cannot be done in Markdown, it's not supported in the Rich Text editor, and table border styling, etc. aren't supported in Markdown.

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