Conflicts occuring when they shouldn’t be [solved]

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I want to record the solution I found to my problem of lots of conflicts occuring...

I created a new, dedicated Dropbox account, reinstall Joplin from scratch and re-imported my notes into it. I have not had any conflict issues since then.

Is this advice/best practice a good fit to be added to the FAQ?

You may encounter difficulty if you use a single Dropbox account for both Joplin
and other unrelated files. Best practice is to create a free dedicated Dropbox account
to use only with Joplin notes.

Is that something that most Dropbox users experience? Because it's the first time I hear this advice, and I think it's better if Joplin works just fine without having to create a special account. Is it possible that something was changing the timestamps of your Dropbox files?

For what it is worth, I use Joplin with my regular Dropbox account (that does have other non-Joplin files on it) and conflicts are an extremely rare occurrence for me.

I also used Dropbox for years on my main account and did not have any conflicts related to it.

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