Suddenly notebook 'conflicts' in desktop Windows 10 app

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OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 v2004 / Build 19041.546

A friendly "Hello" from Germany!

Dear specialists,

I'm totally new to open source software. I have never heard about the program joplin. But a few days ago, in a (german) forum a user recommended joplin in a discussion about the "new" Evernote.

Since a few days I've been trying out a little bit here, but now I got an error message in the desktop version, which I can't fix.

The desktop version Joplin v1.3.2 gives me in the left navigation column an entry called "conflicts". I cannot fix this. The error does not appear in the Android app v1.2.6

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop app in version 1.2.6, but the problem is still there. The program offers me - as 1, or 2 days ago before - an update to 1.3.2, but now I cannot install. I click YES in the pop-up, but it does not download.

I'm totally new to open source program. What can I do to remove the entry "Conflicts"?
What is the procedure here?

Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany.


Conflicts show up as notes. They represent a note which was edited on two different sources. The synchronization process was unable to resolve the conflict. Each conflict has be resolved manually.

The normal procedure is to use one device, synchronize your work, then do your editing before synchronizing again and moving to your next device. A conflict occurs when you switch to editing the same note on two or more devices without synchronizing between device switches.


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Dear Mark,
thanks for your quick answer. I really appreciate this.

I tried your suggestion, but the error still stays on.

How can I delete the faulty note in the desktop app? I cannot find a menu item here? The Android version has a menu item where I could delete the faulty note already.

If I now click on the faulty note, I see an entry, but it is without content.

For me, as a simple user who is not technically versed, the easiest way is to simply delete the erroneous note. Therefore I look for the menu item "Delete" in the desktop application.

Thanks again for any help, hints to solve this problem.

Regards from Germany

PS: Now I know that the file name or file ID of the corrupt note is as follows:

Can I use this information to (maybe) manually delete something from the cloud storage space - the Dropbox service is used - so that the orange conflict error message no longer appears?

What I do is move the note from the CONFLICTS notebook into the main notebook tree, and process it as a normal note. Your conflict note should not reappear.

In "normal" conflicts, you should have the same note in several notebooks. For example:

  • Notebook A
    • Conflicting note B
  • Conflicts
    • Conflicting note B
    • Conflicting note B

Your task is to check all these notes with the same name and delete all except the most full, after deleting/moving all notes from Conflicts the Conflicts notebook disasters.

Deleting and moving you can implement by RightMouseClick.

Dear Mark,
thank you again for your kind answer and help.

I have tried to move the note with a right mouse click. Did not work. I could only insert something in the body of the note. Also "delete" the note was not possible, i.e. it was not offered to me by the system/program.

Is there a special area, in which I have to perform the "right mouse click" to get the "menu" for further actions like "delete"?

I then deleted the entire notebook. Fortunately there were only 5 notes in it. Then I synchronized.
But the error message still appears. Well, I guess I deleted the "wrong" notebook.

If I touch the menu item "Synchronization status" in the PC version, the following is written in the report:

Resource: 13/13
NoteTag: 552/552
MasterKey: 0/0
Revision: 407/407
Total: 1537/1537

In conflict: 1
To delete: 0

I do not know how to fix this! Especially since I do not know anymore which note caused the error. It would be ideal, if the program would display the corresponding note prominently and offer a dialog to perform an action (delete etc.).

Best regards from Germany


Press RMC on the note title in the note list :slight_smile:
It must work.

I do not have Conflicts right now to demonstrate it to you. So I will show it in another notebook. See screenshot.

After deleting all conflicts the "Conflicts" notebook disappears.

Hello Phillip,

thank you for your help. Do I have a different version of Joplin? My GUI is different, i.e. there is no Search bar at the top

And when I click beneath the note title, I have only:



Slightly confused …



Press F11 and you will have the same UI

That’s perfect! Yes, it worked with F11!


Vielen herzlichen Dank für die schnelle Antwort und Unterstützung! Chapeau!


Hello Phillip,

thanks so much! Again! Now the conflict is gone! :blush:

Best Regards from Germany,