Conflicts are only showing in one device

I use Jopling on 2 computers and 1 android phone. When I first started using it, the conflicts would show on both computers and the phone. Now they only show on the phone. I'd rather see the conflicts on the computer since it has a larger screen and is easier to figure out the difference and which one to keep. Why is it now only showing on the phone and how can I get it back to all devices? Or, if it will only show on one device how can I get the conflicts to show on the computer and not the phone?

desktop version: Joplin 2.7.14 (prod, win32)
android version: Joplin 2.7.2

Thanks, JShade

FYI - I don't get conflcits that often because I try to make sure I sync before closing out of the app on whichever device I'm on, but it's still annoying when I do get them for them to only show on the phone.

Conflicts are only displayed on the device on which they are created and they are not synced!
You can only save the conflict note as a normal note on the phone so that it is synced. But then you lose the connection between the conflict note and the original note, so that the conflict resolution plugin can't compare them directly.
I don't want to say that this has always been the case, but it has certainly been the case for years.

Thanks! I'll try that workaround, since thankfully this doesn't happen that often.

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