Warn on conflicts


First of all I want to say that I am a recent Evernote refugee. I have only been using Joplin for a week or so but I already love it. Great job!

Now I'd like to share a bit of feedback. I understand why there are sometimes sync conflicts because of I use the app on multiple devices but I think that when a conflict happen, it would be nice to have a visual alert (like a pop up maybe) instead of just having a new notebook appearing. So far I think that I have noticed it pretty quickly each time it happened but it feels to me like I could easily have missed it and if I keep editing the conflicting notes, it might be harder to resolve them later.

Maybe it's just me but if others feel the same, I'd like to submit this as a feature request.




I can see where you're coming from, but you have to consider two "minor" arguments:
a) once your sync setup works (like it does for me) it will work for years without conflicts,
b) when you start new and / or change sync settings all you nned to do is watch what's going on a little more carefully than usual.
That is not to speak against your proposal, just my 2 ct

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Conflicts do not necessarily have anything to do with it.
If you are editing notes on two different devices and one of them does not have access to the synctarget at the time because it does not have a network or is a device with only WLAN and no mobile radio and you are not at home, you already have a conflict.

The idea that it is easier to recognise that there is a conflict after the sync is not bad.
Looking for conflikt notebook in a list of many notebooks is not the best option, especially as it is easy to overlook this notebook at the last position of the notebook list and if you don't work much with the notebooks.


My experience, looking back using Joplin on 4 devices (2 of them mobiles) for more than a year is exactly what @JackGruber described - only. So I like the idea of show a warning in case of conlicts as well. :+1:


Some kind of a visible notification would be great indeed. I've got hundreds of notebooks, so it's very easy to miss the conflict notebook among them.

I also had a few conflicts already in the 2 weeks that I have been using Joplin. And that is to be expected if you often switch devices and they sync every 5 minutes. I understand why allowing more frequent sync (or syncing on each save) could be taxing on Joplin Cloud so I am OK with it.

But like @tomasz86 I have many notebooks already so on Android for example, I have to scroll down the notebook list to see the Conflicts one. So one option would be to have a setting to enable notifications when there is a new conflict. Not a conflict due to network connectivity issues, because these might resolve themselves when network is back. But for conflicts due to concurrent modifications, the ones that Joplin can't resolve and I have to take action.

An alternative solution would be a setting to make the Conflicts notebook first instead of last in the list, this way it would be easier to notice.

Either option could be disabled by default not to bother existing users that are OK with the current UX.