Conflict management

This is a great app / project ! Thanks to all !

Referring to the main page, "what is a conflict", while everything said there makes sense, I think Joplin would do better with a manual sync override. The user should be able to choose "manual upload" or "manual download" whenever he thinks it is needed. This would help avoiding problems which seem to often occur when setting up new devices, running Joplin with flaky connections, etc.

Posted this last November, now going through my notes again I was wondering ... are there any thoughts on this ?

I think automatic synchronization is reasonable, but the conflict is handled, well, Joplin is not good. If the Joplin Data API is able to get a conflict note (now there is a field is_conflict indicating whether the notes have conflicts, but which cannot be conflicted notes?
I think joplin can refer to Git, but maybe because the probability of conflicts is small (essentially the user is not particularly much), the priority is very low.