Configure dropbox sync on new iphone

I have a new iPhone 13 pro max, and I want to synchronize with existing data. I use Joplin on a desktop synced to dropbox with encryption. I have all the passwords etc.

When I go into the Joplin app to set Synchronization, I set the target to Dropbox, which the iPhone can see, and I set up encryption using my encryption password. I authorize joplin app in dropbox successfully.

When I synchronize, I get hundreds of Encrypted notes or folders. There's a button that says "Press to set the decryption password" but my only option is to disable encryption. There is no place to set a 'decryption password'. The e2ee page doesn't address this either.

How do I set the decryption password? What do I do now?

Bob Visnov

Ok I'm adding this note. I shut down the app, re-synced from the desktop, and then went back into the app. While I was watching, all of my folders and notes decrypted and I can now see everything.

I have no idea how this happened, I wasn't following any instruction. I just decided to randomly re-sync from the desktop and now it works.

Whatever I did should probably go into the documentation.


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