Conditional formatting in Notes?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it's possible (I'm happy with any way) to have conditional formatting in my notes. I have a stock/inventory list, where it should be possible to quickly see stock that is empty:

Type    Quantity
Brush      0 (!)

Ideas I have: exclamation mark emoji, bold coloring, red, etc. Obviously once I update the note, (increase the stock) it should show as normal text, i.e. I want something dynamic.

Probably I can add HTML with a data- attribute and have my CSS react accordingly, but that comes with the downside of having to update the attribute and the actual text, also it makes editing the file hard since pure markdown is way more readable. Furthermore, I want to update this information on Android as well and I'm not sure how this would work. Basically I'm happy with every "easy" feature.

Version: 2.12.10 40b89f6
OS: macOS & Android
Editor: WYSIWYG/Markdown

@moritzg welcome to the forum.

Apologies if I have failed to understand what you are looking for but if you are entering "0" as a stock level don't you already know you have no stock?

If you just want to highlight the value so you can scan through the inventory later you could select Enable ==mark== syntax (wysiwyg: yes) in the Markdown settings and use ==0== for zero or critical stock levels.


|  Item  |  Qty  |
| ------ | ----- |
| Thingy |   5   |
| Widget | ==0== |

would render as


and if that did not stand out enough you could alter the colours for <mark> using CSS.


EDIT: And the MARK syntax option is available on Android as well...

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