Compacting the database with SpeedyFox?

Ok, I really have no idea if this is a thing, but I thought since Joplin was an Electron app, this might be a posibility…

I just installed SpeedFox which claims to improve start times of various apps by optimizing the database. It doesn't list Joplin as one of the apps it works for, but would this be something that would work for Joplin if it were added?

Forgive me if this is an absurd request. I ask because I've noticed Joplin seems to be taking longer to boot up.

I don't think this will help with start time as the DB is probably not the bottleneck. I don't have any data to back this up though.

Also the title should say sqlite instead of myslq. I was going to dismiss it saying Joplin doesn't use mysql but decided to check the link first.

Ah thanks, I have just removed that all together from the title. Thanks. Maybe that makes the whole thing moot.

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