Command Line - Graceful close of Joplin

Is there a way to gracefully close Joplin from the command line?
Something like joplin --quit

Before i unmount my primary data container, i run a script asking applications to close or otherwise release resources in that container that they might be accessing. A process with open documents can either auto-save, or prompt me to save/discard before closing or releasing resources. An app like Joplin could do a final sync before closing.

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Killing the process should be fine, as the app is made so that any service that's interrupted can be safely resumed on restart.

Thank you very much @laurent. I will add click Joplin [Synchronise] to my put away steps, before then allowing my script to kill close Joplin. FYI, with Win10...

  • taskkill JoplinPortable.exe with or without force option:
    • sends termination signal to one process, but has no visible effect
  • taskkill Joplin.exe WITHOUT force option:
    • minimizes GUI (still available from system tray)
  • taskkill Joplin.exe WITH force option:
    • seems to kill all processes (with system tray icon eventually disappearing)
  • forgetting to sync before put away...
    • eg. force close Joplin before final sync and go mobile without latest changes
    • later on, restart Jopin and allow sync - results in notes properly updated - YEAH
    • editing same note on both devices whilst not following correct procedure, get the usual conflict scenario to deal with, which is obviously a naturally occurring artefact of any stochastic process, and no fault of Joplin.

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