Plugin Website DevLog

This post is used to track the progress of the project.


As there are more and more plugins it would be good to improve how they are discovered, and to improve search - in particular improve search relevance.

Plugin Website is designed to help users to find Joplin plugins they want. The goal of this project contains:

  1. An auto-generated website under (Primary)
    a. Recommended/trending plugins
    b. A detailed page for every plugin generated from manifest.json from the plugin repository.
    c. A searching ability like the built-in one
    d. Interactive features such as comments and ratings.
  2. Improve built-in plugin discovery (Secondary)
    a. Enhance search relevance
    b. Filters for categories

Timeline (Plans)

Community Bonding (May 20 - June 12)

  • Investigating other extension/plugin websites.
  • Prototyping plugin website through Figma.

Coding Phase 1 (June 13 - July 25)

Week 1

  • Create the Plugin Page project repository.
  • Confirm the UI layout on Figma.
  • Deploy the page on a temporary Github Page.
  • Setup CI/CD.

Week 2-3

  • Finish home page & detail page UI.
  • Getting plugin data (manifest.json, stats.json, etc.) from the plugin list repository using Github APIs.

Week 4-5

  • Finish all-plguins page UI.
  • Documentation.

Coding Phase 2 (July 25 - September 4)

Week 6-7

  • Implement dynamic content on Plugin Website.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Deploy the site to

Week 8-9

  • Create a new interface for installing plugins in the desktop app.

Week 10

  • Documentation.

Community Bonding Period - Week 1

What has been done

  • Prototyping Home page of plugin website in Figma.
  • Reviewed the project timeline and GSoC relevant docs.

Plans for this week

  • Start resolving issues for Joplin.
  • Read Joplin's code.

The demo is only intended for demonstrating the general looks of the site, the result can be different. Any suggestions are welcomed! :grinning: