Coding Phase - Week 7 Report

Last Week

  • Implemented search feature

  • Working on the PR of adding screenshots into manifest of plugins

    • Add validation of screenshots in webpack
    • Remove useless type check

This Week

  • Adding an overview popover to each plugin on homepage
  • Use webpack to pack static resources
  • Continue to refine UI

seems it is not working on edge

I reuploaded it, it should be fine now.

it is working

I'm not sure if this bug only appears in my browser or not :thinking:.

Joplin Plugins breaks well at me for

but Joplin Plugins causes problems

might be due to "_"?

One small comment/question, how is trending determined? If done by download stats then we probably want to exclude those that are going to be bundled as a default plugin or they might always be at the top. (Apologies if this has been discussed or already actioned before).

Thanks for investigating in this. I found out it's indeed an issue with _. Now I fixed it by adding a word break to the link's css.

Currently, I'm using a customized popularity to determine the trending plugins.

const popularity = downloadCount / ( - createdAt)

That is indeed necessary. We also need a better way to determine the trending plugins otherwise some plugins might always stick to the top.

You could track how many downloads were made per day/week and then use this value for the trending plugins.

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In that way, the data fetched by the script must be persisted in Github or somewhere else. And we can use Github API to upload content to the repo. I'll try to implement it soon.

wasn't once a discussion to integrate analytics into Joplin to learn such things?

I believe we did, I think opinions were fairly strong on it. I was coming down on the side of "opt-in" anonymous telemetry but many were against it entirely.

that might goes now off-topic but isn't there any telemetry open-source telemetry product that would send data, which is clearly marked/recognizable within the Joplin code, and send it results to the github repo?

When the plugin website is coming online it might be worth trying to restart the discussion as that would improve UX.

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In general, the problem with telemetry is that there are groups of people that will never enable it (e.g. power users, privacy-oriented people, enterprise users, etc.), so the data is skewed by default. Then you end up with statistics saying that users don't use any plugins at all, even though power users may have a lot of them installed.

This is why companies try to force telemetry any way possible, without even giving the user ability to disable it (e.g. what Microsoft does in Windows).


Statistics are all well and good, but I am totally against telemetry. If you are prompted at startup if you want to turn it on, ok. But I would not do it and as tomasz86 says the data are then also not really meaningful, because you get only inaccurate results.

Just so you know, I manage to pull download counts from npm directly so no telemetry or Github API is needed to implement this feature now. :grinning:

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Good news but

Don't you want to inude github stars?

I don't think including GitHub stars in determining trending plugins makes sense. It is more developer oriented than regular users. We might need to use Github API somewhere else though.

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