Coding Phase - Week 10 Report

Last Week

  • Created a PR to maintain the categories field in the main codebase
  • Refactor the first PR with Typescript
  • New feature: plugin cart
    • Now you can select plugins from the homepage and download them with a click of button
    • Screenshots:
    • Live demo: Joplin Plugins

This Week

  • Continue embedding Discourse Comment Embed into the plugin detail page
  • Continue to refactor the code with Typescript

I've just tried your work from this link Joplin Plugins (I'm assuming it's the latest version?)

One feedback I have: When I click the See More button on any plugin in the homepage, I would expect it to open in the same tab. Currently, it always open in a new tab and I think that's weird.

  • Should a click on the plugin name not also open the plugin page?
  • I think the link to the homepage_url should also be displayed, not only the repository_url.
  • Maybe it makes sense not to display the link directly but only labels, if someone has configured a long URL in the plugin, this could lead to a strange look on the web page?
    I know that VSCode lists only a Label under and not the link directly, how is this handled in other tools?
    What do the others think?

Thanks for your feedback! I see other plugin stores do open their detail page in the same tab, I'll make this change soon!


All of your suggestions are practical and they make sense to me. I will implement them soon! :grinning:


Thanks for your work @Retr0ve ! Super appreciated!
Don't hesitate to tag me on anything if you want feedback from a UX designer (me!)

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as the final evaluation is not far anymore.
Could you share in the next report what is necessary to reach a release state?


Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. This is going to be a huge improvement for the Joplin ecosystem.