Code view zoom out android

Zoom out / pinch in for code view on mobile does not work or does it? This is unfortunate since code lines don’t fit on screen…
I guess it’s a component issue (which one? ) …

It works for me. What mobile os do you use?

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ok I checked back, made some screenshots …
did not notice the differences before … thanks for pointing out …

on windows 10 it’s looks ok:

screenshot windows joplin

Android 10 and Huawei mate 20 (stock rom):

Screenshot Codeview bug

there is something wrong with the wrapping … code block view is not usable

I guess it’s a feature of the component being used (which one btw, will look there).


The way the code block is cut on Android doesn’t look right indeed. What Markdown did you use?

|f:\_mytemp_\test|       `os.path.dirname(f)`|
|f:\_mytemp_	|		`os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname('f:\_mytemp_\test\lied.mp3'))`
|test\lied.mp3          	|		`relname = f[len(cur_dir):] 

if os.path.splitdrive("\\mp3\\test.mp3")[0] == "":
	print ("cannot find drive")

`if os.path.splitdrive("\\mp3\\really_long_dir\\test.mp3")[0] == "":`

`   print ("cannot find drive")`

copy paste

and both code block and code lines are wrong … code lines in table seem to be ok …

how about putting that in a code block? :wink:

(here on the forum)

do you mean my md formatting is wrong or do you propose to upload my snippet code collection into the forum as a workaround until the component is fixed ... :slightly_smiling_face:

Neither. Laurent asked you to post the markdown. But Discourse interprets markdown and renders it, so it makes sense to put the code in a code block.

ehm ... I thought you could see it by clicking on the edit btn ... feeling a little embarrassed now (btn is private of course)..:blush:

I edited it into a code block

We can actually use the edit button, b/c we are moderators but everybody else reading this can’t. Thanks for changing it.

ah ok … another thing learned …
btw is there a reference for the components joplin uses so we could track progress of issues there and not bother support here ?

You can see aall the 3rd party modules/components in the respective package.json files.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look