GSoC: General Queries regarding Proposal for "Toolbar for mobile editor"

Hi @CalebJohn and @laurent
I hope you are fine.
I'm writing a proposal on Implementing toolbar for mobile beta code editor. I'm proposing a Toolbar with markdown editing functionality somewhat similar to the desktop app. It will have smooth transition animations. I have gone through the current NoteEditor code. The editor is implemented using CodeMirror over webview. Should I give a implementation of Code Editor too or only Toolbar is expected ? Also can you please tell any other requirements that I should be aware of.

The editor already exists, but is currently in beta. As mentioned in the idea list, the editor still has some bugs, and is missing some key features that we would like to be able to release it fully. One of these features we would like to have is the editor toolbar.
So this proposal would be for adding that toolbar, and fixing the bugs that exist in the CodeMirror 6 mobile editor. No need to implement a new editor.
All requirements are listed in the idea list, but even that is pretty loose. We want to give contributors as much autonomy as possible, so if you have other ideas please add them to your proposal!

Thanks! Sure I will be doing that.

Hi @CalebJohn @laurent
I want to let you know that I have submitted my proposal for Idea #5. This is my first ever open source contribution and my first proposal to GSoC ever. Please do let me know the feedback for the same. Even writing a GSoC proposal has taught me a lot, I have learned to declutter my ideas and critically think over them. Also, Joplin will be the only organisation I will be applying to this year.
With regards