Week 3 Report

Over the last week

This week (Week 3)

  • Write tests for the commands used by the markdown toolbar
    • This functionality runs in a WebView — can the code to be tested run without a DOM?
  • Refactor command (bold, italicize, ...) code.
    • This code currently relies on an EditorView and can only be called from within initCodeMirror. To make it more easily testable, I'm moving it from CodeMirror.ts to a new file.
  • Start work on an "insert drawing" dialog.

Do you know if it is theme-able/customisable as well? I had a play with the build from your branch, it is nice but I can see it being a bit clunky for a mobile.

While it's somewhat stylable with CSS, CodeMirror makes it easy to replace the search dialog GUI.

As such, I was thinking of implementing a search dialog in React Native.

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