Contributing to OpenMRS as GS0C'21 participant

I am Sai Keshari, a second-year undergrad in Delhi Technological University (DTU).
I am proficient in front-end Web development, particularly in ReactJS. I have also made several projects. I have also worked with OpenAPIs and Swagger APIs.
I have also made an open-source product focused on helping students learning to code and accumulating their data from all competitive programming sites into one place.
I am fascinated by 1 project idea in Joplin and would like to contribute to it as part of my GSoC'21 participation and also would like to continue contributing as I find Joplin quite an interesting application.
Project Ideas I am interested in:-

  1. Real-time collaboration on a note
    I have made a functionality in my before-mentioned project regarding making friends and mentors, and currently working on creating a rooms function where users and create rooms and write code collaboratively, very similar to this idea.
    Please let me know how I can get started and start contributing.
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