Checkbox readability

In a recent release something changed in the rendering of checkboxes.
On the Linux desktop as well as on Android, the check-mark is now very thin, which makes it harder to see with my old eyes.

Yea, I’ve noticed that as well. I liked the previous one better too.

I think the change was made because of this issue in Testing new release with usability improvements and new Welcome notes

Probably. But can we get it back, maybe with userstyle.css?

I’m going to BUMP this.

Last week I ran into problems because I couldn’t read (and decipher) my notes fast enough. I definitely need the improved readability we had before februari. Any way to get it back?

Note that the checkbox are now standard checkbox controls, but you can style them using userstyle. Just target input[type=checkbox]

Thanks… Where do I find userstyle.css on Android?

As I understand it, custom useerstyle.css is not supported on Android. You can use <style> </style>tags.

So back to square 1: How to get the old, readable appearance again?

Could it be that you’re just not used to it, which makes it a bit harder to spot them when looking quickly at a note? As far as I can see, many note taking apps use regular checkboxes so I don’t assume it’s such a big problem. On the other hand, one small improvement in this version is that it’s now possible to click on the checkbox text to tick/untick it.

As for custom CSS in mobile app, it wouldn’t be too hard to support it. At some point I was thinking it could be just a note titled “userstyle.css”, which would allow syncing it and applying it to all devices. If someone has other suggestions, feel free to share them.

LOL. I really should remember this when someone encounters problems with my software…

Seriously. I had an old device with an old version of Jopling and as you can see the difference in visibility is huge.

So please revert this change.

This doesn’t look like the last version on the right, maybe give that a try. Now it’s using standard checkboxes.

If this would be an ordinary note and synched between devices it may not be the best approach. I’d definitely want different styles for e.g. phone and tablets.
I’d suggest to keep the userstyle.css private, and provide an import/export facility from the settings page for maintenance. This would then be useful on the desktop as well.

The newest version is, indeed, a bit more readable. I’ll see if it works out okay for me.

This is the direction I was thinking as well. @laurent do you foresee any problems with simply loading the css via a file prompt and saving it in settings? That way the user can tweak the css without relaunching and the user will be able to store (and name) userstyle.css anywhere they want.

Could you clarify what you mean by loading the CSS via a file prompt? Also does this apply to the desktop or to the mobile app?

Basically the same as you currently select an external editor. There would be an option in the settings menu to select a css file. The user would then enter the path/filename or select browse and select a css file that way. Joplin would then either load the css data into a setting register and use that from now on, or just save the filename and load it at startup like usual.

This would apply to both to make things easier for the user.

That makes sense, however I think this solution would not work on iOS where filesytem access is quite restricted? Ideally we should have a solution that works on all platform in a similar way.

Right, I forgot about ios. A special note might indeed be the best option. We could have a userstyle note, a userstyle-desktop and userstyle-mobile note, first would be for general stuff and the other 2 would cover platform specific css?

If we’re going this route, we might want to tuck those things in a special configuration notebook (which would be enabled in settings).

So we all have to suffer because of iOS limitations?

I assume it is possible to register a handler for a specific filename extension (e.g. “.jopcfg”) so iOS will pass the document to Joplin when clicked?

I noticed a change in the checkbox of the last version and it was not good. Before I could use the checkbox with indentation and now no more. Also stopped running the checkbox inside tables.