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Checkbox readability


Well, yes and no. Ideally we need to find solutions that work on all platforms. Not easy but for example the Markdown renderer is nearly the same for all platforms, same for the sync backend or E2EE. That massively simplifies maintenance. On the other hand, sometimes it’s hard to find this kind of multiplatform solution, but it’s worth trying.

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Hmm that would work but now that I think about it, it feels a bit hacky. Especially, it’s not intuitive having to create a notebook with the right name, a note with the right name, etc.

Or perhaps we could have a button in the Config screen, like “Customise note CSS”, and that will automatically create the config notebook and note inside (we could have some comments on top the note explaining what it’s for).

Just some ideas, I’m not completely sure what’s the best way actually.


This is what I was thinking. But I agree, it can feel a bit hacky.

Alternatively we could go with filesystem loading (as described above) for desktop and android, and then having a textbox in settings for ios. This is also kind of a hacky solution, but is somewhat warranted given the limitations of ios.


I understand you sentiment. Now you probably know how programmers feel when they have to deal with these kind of issues. Apple’s inability to adhere to standards and their need to force their ideas onto everyone makes it more and more unenjoyable to code for these platforms (even though I love macOS and Objective-C, iOS is a POS and they have been working on making macOS more like iOS).


This is certainly an option which would work the same across all platforms. But this also means that a new folder will show up in people’s notebook stack. They might not be too happy about it. What happens, if they move and/or rename the folder and note? Although after the creation via the button click, the unique ids are already in the database (which can be directly referenced in the code) and thus renaming and moving shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, it would still be nice to hide notebooks / notes. From a coding perspective it’s not that complicated: one more column in the database with a boolean value.

This is probably less work to implement.