Check update at start

It would be nice if Joplin would test whether there’s an update available when starting the software.

I know it’s possible to test it manually using the help menu … however being notified automatically would be really nice, as one does not always think to check it.

Carry on the good job.

You mean on the desktop app? Because there’s already an option to automatically check for updates - maybe you’ve unchecked it at some point?

Yes, I mean on the desktop ... and I did not notice it was there, already ! :wink:

But, it's not working, at least on my platform : Xubuntu 16.04 using Joplin-xyz-x86_64.AppImage.

I had to go manually from version 1.0.96 to 1.0.100 and then later on 1.0.103.

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It doesn’t work automatically for me on Ubuntu, but I always put that down to the app being delivered via an Appimage. Considering they’re supposed to be self contained deployments of the whole app I’m not sure how easy it would be to just change bits of it on the fly when some files are modified in development.

The great thing is though you’re usually not waiting on the latest update to fix something, instead they’re a nice surprise when new features are added.

same for me and I have to admit that I forgot that :slight_smile:

@LastStarfighter I think that a dedicated repository for each linux system would be helpful. Then with the update system of each linux distribution, we could update joplin as soon as a new release will be available.
Now we need a "package master" for debian/ubuntu and so on :wink: