Changing sync server - delete database on mobile device before first sync to new sync server?

I moved sync target on my desktop from a Nextcloud provider to Dropbox. That went fine. For mobile, should I just select Dropbox and sync, or should I delete the Joplin database on the mobile device first and then select Dropbox and sync?

Theoretically since both desktop and mobile were synced prior to moving sync target on desktop, both sync servers should hold identical datasets, so first sync with mobile device shouldn't result in any data changes. Not sure if it works like that in practice.

If I delete the Joplin db on mobile, then of course there's nothing that could go wrong as there is only one dataset (that on the server) in the sync.

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I went ahead and synced to Dropbox without deleting the database on mobile first. Took a long time, so the process recognized the database on Dropbox as different from the identical dataset on Nextcloud and I could see the sync counter going through all the items, but in the end, there are no duplicate notes on either desktop or mobile, so looks like it worked well.


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