Change themes colors

Hi, i am brasilian and use the joplin for many jobs.
For this reason, i tried modify light theme to see better the notebook hierarchy.
My version is Joplin 1.0.179, and i got it after extract the appimage and changing the archiver “theme.js”. Below, i show the code and result:

Line modified of /resources/app
Result in the Joplin

But, the new version don’t have this archiver…

  1. How can i modify this feature in new versions?
  2. Is possible use one color for each hierarchy?
  3. Will have a feature in future for modify that easily or load external themes?

You are supposed to use the userchrome.css for that. According to this post and another one, you apparently did not read the documentation at all.

Sorry for this, i read but don't understand for complete. How ever, i will study the userchrome.css. Thanks for advice. :slight_smile: