Is there any documentation as to what Joplin version supports chromestyle.css and how the css elements are named?

It’s a minor point but I have noticed that the dark(er) themes add really nicely contrasting “element” text in the editor pane whereas in the light theme the editor pane seems to just use very slight variances of blue and grey with a little bit of pale red.

I would like to throw in some bright red, orange and green so I easily know that the Markdown I have typed is going to be correct.

On a scale of 1-10 this editor “problem” in the light theme probably scores about 0.5 but if chromestyle.css can solve it I would use it…

The userchrome.css file support was added in v1.0.176 in this pull request by @devonzuegel.

From the readme

Editor styles can be customized by placing a custom editor style file in the profile directory ~/.config/joplin-desktop/userchrome.css

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a method to get a list of all elements, but if you tell me what you’re looking to change, I’d be happy to look at the specific elements using a debug version of Joplin and report them back to you!

If you follow the directions in the Debugging the Desktop Application docs, you will be able to see elements in the dev tools.

Better yet, @laurent said: “in the next version (already released as a pre-release), the notes will be rendered in an iframe so there will be just a single dev tool for the app and note viewer. The change is already made and the tool will be under the Help menu.”

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@CalebJohn @devonzuegel

Thanks, both for the information. I will wait for the changes to hit the official release and take it from there.