Change text color in multiple lines in rich text editor (works well in markdown preview)

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Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, win32)

Client ID: e50c1c82ecd748139f64b18f925cf0fe
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 7081046

Search & Replace: 2.2.0
Text Colorize: 1.2.3


Rich Text Editor

What issue do you have?

I use html markup to change the font color. Here is an example:

This example has four lines. I searched the forum and added div tag to the code, so that the color red applies to multiple lines.

In the markdown editor, all four lines in the preview are red.
But in the rich text editor, only the first line is red. Why is the preview and rich text editor different?
How do I fix it? Thanks.


The newline above the list closes the <span> tag. Apply color to <div> for anything multiline or containing newlines.

For example, this text will look the same in both viewers:

<div style="color: #ff0000">
red 1
<div style="color: #ffff00">

- yellow 1
- yellow 2
<span style="color: #00ff00">

red 2
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The newline below the first line is necessary for the bullet points to appear on separate lines; otherwise -1, -2, -3 will be appended to the first line after "summary".

Indeed, applying color to the div tag solves the problem.


Rich text editor:


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