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Change Storage Synchronization Target

Hello there. 2gb Dropbox not enough. do I set Mega.nz as the synchronization destination for storage storage?

If mega allows you to use a WebDAV endpoint, yes. If not you have to look for either a sync target that is supported or a WebDAV server.

Mega can’t be supported, so some users have simply used filesystem sync, and point it to their Mega folder on their device.

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Which cloud system has the widest range of support for WebDAV?

@ganguv What does your question mean? A cloud system either has WebDAV support, or it does not.

Btw, I found this for Mega:

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I used it for Joplin, but it didn’t work with 2FA, see this post

Thank you. did you use does it work properly? Are you using it without 2FA?

Hello all,
this is what I'm doing right now but I have a large notes database (6gb+ and growing). The sync folder is 6GB+ and the joplin folder could become 6GB+ also if I download all attachments. I've set attachments to auto download to keep space.
I was trying to use Dropbox but 2GB is not enough and I would like to save money at this moment.
The only affordable cloud service is Mega with 25GB. Enough for me.
A native Mega option (same as Dropbox or Onedrive) would be very useful here.