Change .sqlite location on MacOS? On encrypted drive?


First off I really dig Joplins feature set and it’s exactly what I am looking for - so thank you for your work!

My question is - I need to keep certain notes encrypted.

I realize we can keep the notes on an encrypted drive - but is there a way to move the sqlite file created in the .config directory also to an encrypted drive?

Since the sqlite file is in plain text, I’d like to have that somewhere stored safely.

I’m on MacOS

Yes, start joplin with --profile /path/to/new/location

@tessus, any way to bake this customization into the desktop app inside of Applications?

I have an encrypted volume setup. I share the requirement for these notes to be encrypted at rest.

I’m also on a Mac

Would a symbolic link do the trick?

ln -s /Volumes/Encrypted/joplin-desktop joplin-desktop

yes, this works. just don’t start Joplin unless you have mounted the encrypted volume.

At one point I hope we will have a way to choose profiles from the UI, but currently there are more pressing things to tackle.