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Where are notes stored? Linux Mint / .AppImage

Hi, I’m trying to find location of my notes in local filestem. Where are they?

notes are all in the database for example on linux :


in the notes tables (select * from notes; to check)

and every files, images and so on , known under the named “resources” are


To get them easily (if this is what you want), you may choose “File system” for Sync’ mode temporarily, then define a directory. Once Sync’ is done, you get all your notes in that directory ! :wink:

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Or he could do this:


Much better, I agree…

After that I will have all data in two places?

Is there any way to change that default directories, so I can place all data in encrypted folder on my cloud and protect myself from reading my notes straight from database on local filesystem?

to change directory , start joplin with --profile /path/to/somewhere

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How might we achieve this while launching with the mac desktop application?

./Joplin --profile /path/to/somewhere


/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/MacOS/Joplin --profile /path/to/somewhere


you can write a bash script, apple script, use automator, …