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How can I save the joplin database in specific directory on Linux


From this thread I see the database can be saved somewhere else than the default location in Windows New user - just a couple questions

Does anyone know how I could achieve the same thing on Linux ie save the joplin database to a directory I choose? I cant use the portable exe version as thats for Windows


At least with a symbolic link

I’m not sure if you want to save a copy for backup or that you want Joplin to put its files somewhere else.

For the latter you can specify an alternate location by starting Joplin with the --profile command line option.

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thanks its the latter. would --profile actually move the database though?

No. It wolud create a new database at that location. So what you have to do is move the profile directory somewhere else /path/to/new/location and start joplin with --profile /path/to/new/location

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thank you, thats a clear explanation. Tonight I finally exported my 9 years of Evernote files into Joplin. Ive wanted to leave Evernote for a while but I couldnt find an alternative that ticked the right boxes - until I discovered Joplin!

@tessus Thank you! I was able to relocate my profile to a VeraCrypt volume, so the local database is always encrypted as well.
I don’t suppose you have any idea how long “eventually” is for iOS to receive the certificate and prompt for a password? Both devices have synced many many times. Everything looks perfect on the Linux client, but iOS has one new note added which is Encrypted. All the remaining notes are still on the device unencrypted, and the iOS client says encryption is disabled.

On non-Windows systems the best way is to use a symlink.

I don’t follow. What does this have to do with the profile directory? And what certificate and what password? Maybe you can open a new topic or search the existing ones about encryption. I don’t use encryption and I don’t know the code related to it, so I’m probably the wrong person to answer that question anyway.

@tessus I did. I also posted replies on a couple other related posts but no one responded yet. I thought you may know. If not, don’t worry about it. No need for a symlink. When I deleted the 3 directories to completely remove Joplin, it broke a few pieces of it. When I attempted to reinstall, the script said it was already installed. Something remained somewhere. I analyzed the script and found where it was launching the program. I launched directly from the file manager and it replaced the item in the menu, but without an icon. I exported that to my desktop, grabbed one of the proposed new icons, and set the --profile as you suggested. That part works perfectly now. The profile resides on an encrypted volume and the icon on my desktop is much better than the blue J. Now if I can just get E2EE syncing properly, I’ll be all set. I’ll get it, with or without support. It just takes longer when I have to reinvent the wheel.
Howsecureismypassword.net says it would take a computer about 4 Billion years to crack my Dropbox password, and I have TOTP enabled, so it’s already pretty secure.