Change "margin" size in Preview mode

Hello Forum,
I would like to ask one question - how can I change the margin size on the both side of Preview mode? Please check the picture below.

The margin space is a little wide and I want to decrease the width of it... Thanks a lot in advance!

Put this:

#rendered-md{padding: 2.8rem 0 !important;}

inside Tools > Options > Appearance > Show Advanced Settings > Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown. The 0 indicates the margin to the left and right of the rendered markdown, the 2.8rem the margin to the top and the buttom of it.

Kind regards

Thank you @MrKanister! With your tip it looks as my expectation now! :slight_smile:

And I just would like to ask one more question - how can I know, there is one element given with "rendered-md"?

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With Help > Toggle development tools you get the same development tools as in chrome, there you can find the ids etc. The easiest way to find an element is to click on the icon in the top left corner (or Ctrl+Shift+C) and then just click on the element you want to more about

Woah! That's awesome! I didn't be aware of that until your message!

Thanks again @MrKanister for the help! :laughing:

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